Myskinglobal is co-led by Francoise Mbabazi and Yehoyada, both of Rwandan origin. Francoise was born and raised in Uganda, and she is a passionate human rights activist and community engagement leader with over 10 years of diverse work experience in nonprofits strengthening strong and sustainable partnerships, leadership development, power building, and shifting the inequities that exist in low-income and the disfranchised communities.

She grew up around people who felt inadequate and less beautiful because of their skin color. A culture where this practice was the norm. Frustrated by this tradition, she went out to research further. In trying to understand why, the dangers of this global $20+B pandemic targeting Black and Brown people spurred the formation of MySkinglobal, an organization dedicated to changing the conversation about skin color biases.


To disrupt the practice of skin bleaching and see every child have confidence and self-admiration in the skin they are in!


To become #1 in advocacy on skin health and decrease the amount of black and brown youth engaging in skin bleaching through educational strategies.

How We Work

Advocacy and Education
MySkinglobal is committed to advocacy and education, story sharing, convening diverse dialogues annually, building a strong story bank, and building sustainable relations that enhance and celebrate what makes us uniquely different and not what divides us. We foster access to unbiased education systems that celebrate diversity and inclusion of all skin tones.
We will develop a curriculum unit of study one community at a time aiming to address issues related to colorism and skin color bias, by educating youth and communities. Through exploring the past, present, and future impacts of colorism, most notably the harmful act of skin bleaching, the program intends to educate and empower students on the pathway to skin positivity - heightened self-esteem, self-acceptance and self-love for themselves and others. This epidemic is dear to Mbabazi’s heart.
As A Convener
By partnering with other activists, world leaders, Authors, subject matter experts, law makers, schools and beauty companies. Our goal is to make MySkinGlobal the top advocacy network of people and organizations committed to skin health and decreasing the number of young people engaging in skin bleaching across the globe.


Francoise Mbabazi
Operations Manager