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Welcome to the Skin Positive network, a platform dedicated to individuals using their experiences to shape a better tomorrow for the BIPOC youth globally. Let’s love the skin we’re in!

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Let’s share stories that infuse self-love, self-admiration, respect, and celebrate the difference in our skin tones. Let’s focus on what brings us together as a people instead of what separates us and celebrate the beauty in our skin tones. We are all beautiful just the way we are!

Thank you for your interest in sharing your story with My Skin Global. Two ways you can share your story:

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Jackie Pilgrim

A godly divine order and connection. She is a leader in her circles of influence, a mental health advocate, a mother, a sister indeed, and a strong and passionate lover

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By recording your name and comment here, you offer a personal commitment to advance your knowledge and actions in building a world where every black and brown child love and thrive in the skin they’re in.

Change comes from within and it has never been more crucial to advocate for our BIPOC youth as it is now! People throughout the nation and the world are calling for justice and racial equality. Our children are being conditioned to believe that their skin color determines their self-worth, their future success, their marriageability, and their beauty. These messages are being conveyed to them constantly through the media, within their homes and schools, and among their peers.

Join the advocates at My Skin Global and be a change maker. Help us be a voice that demands change for our children, so they can grow up feeling confident, beautiful, and worthy. We pledge for humanity, a world where different skin colors are celebrated! We pledge to create a world where every black and brown girl loves the skin, they are in. Will you take the pledge alongside of us?

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