Our Board Members

Charles Musiba

Charles Musiba (PhD) is an associate professor of biological anthropology in the department of anthropology at the University of Colorado Denver. He is a native of Tanzania, born on the shores of Lake Victoria in Mwanza. He was educated in Germany, Belgium and the United States. Charles passion has always been in prehistory, especially biological anthropology and as a result he received his second master’s degree in biological anthropology in 1996 followed by a Ph.D.

  • He is actively involved in conservation and sustainable use of paleoanthropological resources not only to a small select group of people but to everybody in the world through education and cultural exchange programs.
  • Among his many involvements, he is also a board member for a Denver based Africa School Assistance Project (ASAP) organization that builds schools in Tanzania.

George Deriso

George Deriso is an experienced executive, entrepreneur and consultant who has worked with businesses of all sizes worldwide. Prior to founding Cosmos Partners, George worked for Falcon Venture Partners, a Colorado private equity firm. Throughout his career, he has been instrumental as an executive or founder of 8 technology ventures.

He also has worked in large multi-national companies, such as AT&T, Apple, and Gartner Group, providing him experience and insight that is meaningful across the full range of enterprises. He has lived and worked overseas, conducting business extensively throughout Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific.

In addition, George is a faculty member at the University of Colorado Boulder’s (CU, Boulder), Leeds School of Business with the ‘Certificate of Excellence in Entrepreneurial Studies’ program at the Deming Center for Entrepreneurship.

George has a Masters degree from the California State University in Instructional Technology and Multimedia and an undergraduate degree from the California State University in Liberal Arts. He is an Advisor on the boards of the CU, Boulder’s Deming Center for Entrepreneurship and the Technology Transfer Office. In addition he is the Director on the board of ETown, a nationally broadcast radio variety show and continues in an advisory capacity to new ventures and investors globally.

Laura Deluca

Laura Deluca is a Teaching Assistant Professor at CU Boulder. She focuses on the cross-cultural aspects of sustainable development, ethnographic methods/fieldwork, social entrepreneurship and social innovation, human dimensions of conservation, war and refugees and community-based peace building in Africa. Laura works in Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania, South Sudan, South Africa, Rwanda, and Uganda. She has also researched ‘Gross National Happiness’ (GNH) in Bhutan. A co-author of the ‘Lost Girl Found. An ethnographic fictional work written to raise awareness of the oil-fueled conflict in Sudan and the impact of gender on migration experience. Laura has written chapters for Building Peace from Within: An Examination of Community-Based Peace Building and Transitions in Africa. This book seeks to examine how successful models of building ‘peace from within’ in the African continent.

Dr. Asia Lyon

Dr. Asia Lyons is the founder and lead designer at Lyons Educational Consulting (LEC) LLC. In partnership with communities, organizations, and schools, Lyons Educational Consulting supports co-creating truly inclusive environments that assist youth toward self-actualization.
Dr. Lyons was a K-12 educator in the Denver Metro Area as well as an adjunct professor at the University of Colorado – Denver School of Education and Human Development. In addition, she has served as the school-partner specialist working with schools and other non-profits across the Denver Metro Area to provide communities with resources to help close the access gap for Black children and children of Color.
Dr. Lyons has her doctorate in Leadership for Educational Equity with a concentration in Urban and Diverse Communities. Her research focuses on how racism-related stress and racial battle fatigue cross over from Black educators to their families. As a part of her reciprocity to Black educators, she co-facilitates the Black Educator Wellness Cohort, which consists of monthly wellness sessions for Black educators in the Denver Metro Area.
Finally, Dr. Lyons is the co-host of, The Exit Interview: A Podcast for Black Educators, a podcast focusing on amplifying the lived experience of former Black educators.

Charles Msilanga

Charles is an inspirational speaker, corporate trainer, Coach and Youth leader from Mombasa, Kenya. He is the founder and CEO of Personal and Corporate Development Company which is a leadership and public speaking coaching and training company and also serves as a youth representative at Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mombasa Chapter. He is an Alumni of the YALI Regional Leadership Center EA and Watson Institute in the United States of America. Charles is also a Scholar of Caux Scholars Program which is implemented by Initiatives of Change International. He is driven by the need for people to live their lives to their full potential and discover and maximize their true purpose in life so as to create a significant mark in the world.

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Meet Our Team
Francoise Mbabazi

Francoise Mbabazi is a passionate human rights activist and community engagement leader with over 10 years of diverse work experience in the nonprofits strengthening their board-staff and coalition development. She excels in relationship building, program development, and program management, with a focus on bridging the gap between community and policy with its social justice values through inclusive, participatory, and collective impact approach. She has held leadership development and management positions at several of Colorado’s policy-focused organizations and she was previously a Senior Organizer at the Colorado Trust.

Francoise is committed to education equity, economic justice, social justice, empowerment of women and girls and poverty reduction. She has worked and collaborated with local, state, and national, organizations committed to advancement of sound policies for all.

Francoise is of Rwandan origin. She was born and raised in Uganda and educated in the United States and Kenya. Francoise stands with Myskinglobal and the president of Rwanda (Paul Kagame) who in 2019 put a ban on all skin bleaching products and denounced its dangerous practice on the people of Rwanda. We must demand better for us-with-us and-from -us if we want to see a better tomorrow for our children.

Francoise Mbabazi has a Master’s of Arts and Sciences from Arizona State University, Phoenix AZ in Interdisciplinary Studies, emphasis: Women's Studies and Bachelors in International Business Administration, emphasis: Marketing from United States International University (USIU) Nairobi, Kenya


Yehoyada has worked in the healthcare industry for many years, with his primary responsibilities being to provide educational and therapeutic resources to healthcare providers for people living with chronic diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and HIV.  He currently works for  Janssen Biotech Infectious Diseases and promote educational and therapeutic resources for PLWH (People living with HIV) in Northern California. Yehoyada has a Masters of Science degree in Organizational Development, University of San Francisco.

Yehoyada enjoys serving with nonprofit organizations that promote the well being of our the most vulnerable populations. MySkinGlobal provided an opportunity to partner with organizations that care to preserve the well being of the most vulnerable who are brainwashed to think their beauty and color give them significance. As a human rights activist, Yehoyada believes skin bleaching is like a virus that must be curbed due to its potential damages to the nervous system and kidneys among many other damages to one’s health. He recently served as the Secretary General of the United States Rwandan Community Abroad, USRCA, a non-profit organization and he is actively involved with the Rwandan Community in Northern California.. He also serves on the steering committee of the Alliance of the Holocaust and Genocide studies at Sonoma State University.

Yehoyada is of Rwandan descent, and he was born and raised in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). He has lived in the United States for over three decades. He is a family man and they are raising 3 healthy teenagers. He enjoys reading, public speaking and travel.


Melissa Traynham

Melissa Traynham is a dynamic and highly knowledgeable nonprofit professional who is passionate about bringing people together with causes they love while building lasting relationships. With over 17 years of experience in the industry her skills range from operations management to fund development to program implementation. She has worked with healthcare and humanitarian organizations both large and small and has worn many hats in each of her roles throughout her career. Having volunteered for My Skin Global for the past two years, Melissa has a deep understanding of the organization's values and goals and shares a passion for our mission. Melissa recently moved to Maine after spending 13 years in Colorado. In her free time, she enjoys being in nature, traveling, and volunteering for other community causes.

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