Our Theory:

  • We believe that people should thrive in a society that provides emotional and psychological stability
  • We believe that skin bleaching is a harmful practice to BIPOC
  • We believe that people should not experience oppression because of their skin color
  • We believe that aligning whiteness with beauty is harmful to BIPOC
  • We believe that it must be intolerable to judge someone based on the color of their skin
  • We believe that ALL young BIPOC people should thrive in the skin they are in!
  • We believe in preventing the dangerous practice of skin bleaching from ever happening again with a special lens towards young people
  • We believe that the global cultural practice of colorism must come to an end

Our Attitude:

  • Our thoughts and work will be transparent and focus on possibility and inclusion.
  • Our words will inspire and motivate people to work together to solve challenging problems and promote innovation through new knowledge and practice.

Our Principles:

  • We will lead with humility, curiosity, caring, and deep listening.
  • We will model and practice self-love
  • We will partner with policy champions to remove these dangerous products from the marketplace
  • We will partner with WHO, UNESCO and FDA to support the removal of skin bleaching products
  • We will promote research and publish data about the dangers of skin bleaching
  • We will launch a public awareness and social media campaign about the dangers of using skin bleaching products
  • We will build lasting trust and deep relationships with all that we serve.
  • We will be grateful and respectful to the people we serve and the stories they share
  • We will communicate broadly and share learnings and stories of impact to help people recognize the dangers and health impact of skin bleaching
  • We will celebrate our wins and learn from our shortcomings.

Our Behavior:

  • We serve as a convenor on the world stage and bridge builders in situations where people disagree or are polarized.
  • We see and name inequities to dismantle them.
  • We love one another and not judge people based on our own unconscious bias and beliefs.
  • We will center colorism in the wider conversation of racism in the world