MYSKINGLOBAL is a mission driven organization, founded by Francoise Mbabazi in 2019, to instill the fundamental core belief of self-love and self-admiration while disrupting the damaging psychological impact perpetuated from unattainable beauty standards upheld by culture, in school aged children with educational curriculum involvement.


Francoise states, “I remember growing up in Uganda and doubting my own beauty from the cultural indoctrination of lighter skin being deemed as “more beautiful”. As a child I recall hearing old adages like ““If it’s white, it’s all right, yellow is mellow, and black stay back” and then decades later, living in the US, hearing my daughter tell me at age 2 that she wishes her skin was lighter because the kids at school say her skin is the color of feces.

I recognized that the impact of colorism was negatively affecting how people all over the world view themselves and as a result dictating the lengths they’ll go in order to be considered beautiful. Even though I’m considered to have fairer skin, I was often told to put lightening cream on my forehead and remove that dirt by making it even lighter.



Caring for Denver

Brett Family Foundation

Therapist of Color Collaborative

By Alexandria Nicole Consulting Ltd.



Through the gracious donation of Caring for Denver, in the amount of $181,166 and its YouthRoots Student Award towards of extra $5000 for (Youth Education Curriculum on Colorism and Skin Color Bias). Linda Shoemaker and the Brett Family Foundation, in the amount of $5,000 MYSKINGLOBAL ‘s advocacy and education, curriculum development is underway in preparation to serve to Denver school systems with goals of expanding to a global platform. MYSKINGLOBAL’s curriculum is being developed in partnership with Therapists of Color Collaborative to ensure that the psychological impacts of negative self-image are being addressed with intentionality, in collaboration with experts on the subject.

Francoise said, “I was tired of seeing the pain, lack of worth, and accepted practices of self-inflicted harm, such as skin bleaching, and realized that this was a systemic cultural problem. I could no longer go to sleep at night knowing how many people were suffering at the hands of colorism, including my own daughter. I wanted to create a sustainable educational strategy that would be impactful based upon building partnerships, addressing mental health, and advocacy.

I’m so grateful to have the support of organizations, like Caring for Denver, Brett Family Foundation, Denver foundation and its Family Donor Advisory Funds and Therapist of Color Collaborative, that are willing to join us in the early stages of MYSKINGLOBAL as we strategize to encourage a generational impact of self-love and self-admiration. In the Skin We Are In.”


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